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Claims Management

Once in place, the best Insurance Portfolio should work like an invisible security system, quietly providing peace of mind, but not distracting you from the business of doing business.


But what happens when the alarm is triggered?


Unpredictable external forces - illness, fire, theft, flood or litigation - are real possibilities; the reason you purchased insurance in the first place. When it comes time to make a claim, businesses left to navigate the process alone can find themselves disillusioned by the lack of service, support and speed. Worst case, they may not be sure where to turn if a claim is denied.


Tresidder Insurance Group has the technical expertise, experience and personal relationships, to ameliorate potential headaches, caused by a tricky claims’ process.


Tresidders action claims management process means we will follow through with your claim until a satisfactory settlement has been reached.




Claims Management Consulting


We also offer claims management on a consulting basis to businesses that may only require this service.

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